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Interior Design Trends For Summer 2023

We love the ever changing nature of interior design, and some of the most exciting times in this business is when longer standing trends begin to shift and new concepts emerge. 2023 has been a year full of change and fresh starts, and we are more than ready for it!

We've talked about the top interior design trends of 2023 at the beginning of this year, but the world of interior design is always shifting. In this article we are going to share a few of the most popular trends for this summer.

Quiet Luxury

The idea of quiet luxury is an interior design aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular. Shirking the concept of chasing passing trends and the constant need to be current, this design style embraces timeless elegance. True luxury doesn't need to be overt, and can in fact be far more impactful when it is expressed in an understated way.

The quiet luxury style focuses on craftsmanship and quality. Invest in high quality and natural materials, such as marble and solid wood pieces. Don't overdo it with your home decor, but choose some impactful pieces that draw the eye and display them in a natural way. Unlike minimalism, which had it's moment in the sun not too long ago, quiet luxury doesn't shy away from layering home decor. Focus on custom made pieces, antiques, and try to consider that the decor and pieces you incorporate in your home should be meaningful. If you want to aim for this kind of design aesthetic, we'd suggest staying away from mass produced art and decor, and instead focusing on paintings and pieces that express your personality and have a story.

Design: Vanessa Stone, Styled Spaces, Victoria, BC. Photography: Melanie Orr


Always wanted to have a colourful home with big bold colours, but afraid to go all out during the most recent interior design era of eternal neutral greys? Now is the time to go all out! Bright colours in interior design continues to grow in popularity, and the focus is on not being afraid of expressing yourself through your home decor. Jewel tones are very much on trend - everything from deep greens and blues to bright ochre. Going big with colours doesn't mean you need to paint every room in neon hues. Think deeper colours, moody tones, and bright pastels. We are so excited to embrace this new colourful era of interior design!

On the neutral side of things (we still love a beautiful neutral base) focus on warm neutral colours and earthy tones. Consider using deeper earthy hues as accents, such as dark olive green or terracotta.

While these are some of the colour choices that are trending currently, the true trend of 2023 is if you love it, go for it!


It may feel unfamiliar after a long period of embracing minimalism and a more toned down neutral style, but patterns are making a major comeback. Patterned rugs, animal print, wallpaper, soft furnishings, geometric prints - you can go as bold or as subtle as you'd like. Don't be afraid to mix patterns in complementary colours, to really bring some personality and life to your space. Wallpaper has become more popular, and people are more likely to take risks rather than playing it safe.

This shift in interior design preference is being attributed to the pandemic. After a prolonged disruption of normal life, people are ready to break free and enter a new era without fear.


In line with the last two trends, minimalism has left the building and a new maximalist interior design style is making itself comfortable. A mixture of bright colours, bold prints, and different natural textures are all part of this design aesthetic. Antiques and vintage pieces and furniture are a great way of achieving this look in a unique and personalised way.

For a maximalist makeover this summer, focus on floral print, bright colours and pastels. Geometric prints will rise in popularity this season, also in brighter and pastel colours. The most important part is to layer your decor, with a well curated mix of patterns and textures. Remember that layering does not mean cluttering - display your collections of oddities and home decor, but make sure you self edit and don't throw every interesting thrift store find up on your shelves. We've said it before and we will say it again, editing is one of the hardest (and most important) parts of interior design.


Another summer 2023 trend is in keeping with a greater focus on multi-functional spaces. The ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture, it can be used as extra seating, a footrest, and often comes with storage. It can serve to warm up and soften a space, and can make any room look more inviting. If you love the look of an ottoman but are worried you don't have space, consider choosing an ottoman in place of a coffee table! You can place a large tray on top of it to hold any items you want to put down, and when an extra seat is needed it's readily available.

Is the rising popularity of the ottoman related to a desperate need to make space for a more social life in these post pandemic times? Quite possibly, but whatever the reasons, we are loving this trend!

We hope you've enjoyed this list of some of our favourite interior design trends for this summer season. As with any other seasonal trends, you can choose to go as far or as subtle as you like with your home decor. Freshening up your space doesn't have to mean a full home renovation - just something as simple as changing out your cushion covers and a few pieces of decor can make a world of difference.


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