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At Styled Spaces we are often asked how we work, what projects we take on and our process. Below we outline the services and processes to help you understand how we are different. 


The Process

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Let's have a chat! Our design process at Styled Spaces starts with having a talk so that we can really understand what your vision is for your space. The perfectly designed home is one that meets the needs of yourself and your family. We'll start by discussing what you need out of your space. Who uses it and how? Is there anything about the space currently that isn't working for you? 

The best designs live in the space where function and aesthetics are perfectly aligned. This stage is about getting to know each other and understanding what your vision is.

Deep Dive

We've decided we're a good fit for each other. This is where the fun part begins!

We always start with a tour of your home. You can tell us what you like and don't like, and what you want to upgrade or change. This is when we really get to the bottom of what you need from your space and put the vision together. We look at what pieces you currently have that you want to incorporate into the new design. If you have any inspiration pictures we'll look at those together and talk about how to incorporate new elements with your existing furniture and artwork so that we can create a space that is uniquely yours.


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Design & Selection

This is where the design vision comes together! We take all the ideas and insight we've gathered during the first two stages and put it all together into a thought-out plan. This is where we make floor plans to show you the proposed layout of your new space, select fixtures, materials, and products that fit the space, and make a digital mood board to put together a colour palette and key design elements. Using our software we create a 3D representation of what your new space will look like, so you can really visualise it all. We set a timeline, to give you an idea of when you can expect the different stages of the project to come together, and we discuss your budget. This stage is a collaboration, and we invite you to give us all of your thoughts and feelings about the proposed designs, so that we can work together to make a space that you will love. 


It's time to bring your design to life! Once we've agreed on a floor plan and design that you love, we can start on the implementation of it all. This is where we bring in contractors and industry professionals to transform your home. This can take anything from days to weeks to months depending on the scope of the project. Throughout it all we'll keep in close contact with you and the contractors to ensure that everything is running smoothly and according to plan. You will have a timeline so you know when the various contractors are scheduled to come in, and bit by bit the project will come together. 

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Wrap Up

Once all the contractors have come through and done their part, we get to work on finishing up the space. We add in the design elements and special touches we've talked about during the planning stage to customise the space and make it personal to you. This is where we combine new products with your existing pieces to make the space feel like home. We wrap up all the last details and walk through it together to make sure that you are happy with the final results. 

We understand everyone is unique, so we have a variety of services to offer. Let’s discuss what fits you best. Click the link below to connect with us.   

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