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Top Interior Design Trends of 2023

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We're officially a month into the new year, and I'm sure a lot of us are looking forward to leaving the past few years behind us. For many people the new year symbolises a new beginning, and our favourite way to get into the spirit of change is to refresh our home!

Interior design trends can be classical and timeless, but trends shift as the years go on (only to sometimes return decades later). We've gathered some of the top interior design trends for 2023, and we're so excited about the year ahead!

Bold Colours

After a long moment in the sun, grey seems to be on its way out. 2023 heralds the return of bold colours, and we are very much here for it. The dark and moody colour palette is having its moment, with certain trends like dark academia and gothic interior design becoming more in style for 2023.

If the darker palette is not to your liking, you'll be happy to hear that bright bursts of colour are also making their way back. Jewel tones, like rich yellows, purples and blues, are going to be very popular this year.

Design by Styled Spaces. Photo by Melanie Orr Photography.

That's not to say that the neutral colour palette has completely left the scene if you prefer more subtle shades of home decor, but this year the neutrals we are looking towards are more warm toned - think beige, brown and cream.

Design by Styled Spaces. Photo by Melanie Orr Photography.

Painting your walls may seem like a big commitment, although it's far more straightforward than you might think! But if you're not ready to go all the way yet, we understand. Consider an accent wall or introducing colour in more subtle ways, perhaps with throw pillows or a rug. These details can really transform a space and bring in a different level of depth to your home. We love this warm toned rug we used in one of our recent projects, it really brought the space to life!

Natural Wood Tones

Gone are the days of the grey toned washed out wood colours, making way instead for natural deep and warm wood tones. Keeping in line with the warmer and darker toned trends of 2023, these warm toned woods add depth to your space and can instantly make your home feel more cozy. There are many ways of incorporating this trend into your home, from investing in natural wood shelves, to a new coffee or side tables, or even in more subtle ways through home decor pieces. We're taking inspiration from nature in 2023, and these natural wood elements are only some of the ways this trend will manifest. Another natural wood trend that is in this year is natural live edge tables, and we can't wait for it!

Design by Styled Spaces. Photo by Melanie Orr Photography.

Art Deco

As we are a few years into the new 20's, it's only right that we look back to the past. We've mentioned the cycling pattern of design trends, and one that's making a comeback this year is the Art Deco interior design style. Minimalism has had it's moment and this year we are taking inspiration from the roaring 20's. Bold colours, geometric patterns, statement wallpaper, and glamourous design. These are all hallmarks of Art Deco and we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming year.

Gold Details

Gold and brass accents have been in for a while now and they are sticking around for a while longer. In line with the more glamorous interior design trends of 2023, gold is going to be a popular accent colour, but the more aged look of brass isn't going anywhere. Incorporating gold into your home can take the shape of anything from lamp fixtures to home decor items. As a low energy and budget friendly way of refreshing your home, you can change out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity. We love the look of gold hardware and fixtures!


Arches in all their forms are in for 2023, both in architecture and interior design. Everything from arched doorways, to arched mirrors and curved furniture, there are many ways you could incorporate this trend into your home. We love the look of an arched doorway, it can soften a space and make it appear more inviting, but we realise this isn't in everyones budget. Starting slow with smaller interior design pieces or an arched mirror over the bathroom vanity can be achieved at a much more affordable price.

Design by Styled Spaces. Photo by Melanie Orr Photography.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! No matter your interior design preferences or your budget, there are ways of refreshing your space for the new year. What are your favourite interior design trends of 2023? We know we're excited to take on new projects and see what this year will bring.


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