Top 5 Misconceptions About Interior Designers

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Interior design is a hugely misunderstood profession. Styling a space is a part of interior design, but it isn’t the only part of the job. Interior designers are professionals with years of experience and education on the look and function of a space. They know more than picking fabrics and paint, and they coordinate with contractors when you renovate to craft a practical and alluring space that aligns with your style.

With all the questions around who an interior designer is, what they do, and why you should hire them, we are busting 5 common myths about interior design.

Myth #1: Designers just make a space look pretty

There is more to the profession than choosing decor. One of the biggest myths is that interior designers only decorate a space—switching a few fabrics, matching your furniture to your walls, adding accent pillows to complement your style—and charge a fortune to do it.

Part of interior design is decorating a space but that isn’t all interior designers do. Interior design and interior decorating are commonly confusing roles. These two occupations, while similar, are not the same. Interior decorators dress a space, while interior designs plan the space and structure.

When you hire an interior design, they provide recommendations to create a beautiful living place with the space you have. The designer plans out your space in a way that combines functionality with aesthetics. They don't just look at a space and choose furniture. They read blueprints from architects, determine layout, and use their knowledge of space requirements and regulations to plan their designs.

Myth #2: Designers are telepaths

It would be amazing if interior designers could look at you and know your style: the perfect furnishing, fabrics, and paint to compliment your space. However, finding someone’s style is not a task done with one glance. No amount of school can teach you how to read minds.

Interior designers learn about you and your preferences the same way you learn about people: talking. A consultation will tell your designer your desires, needs, and budget, and it will guide their search and planning. If you want a bespoke design tailored to who you are, then you'll need to communicate about what your dream design is.

You have a say in how you want your home to look and feel. A great way to remove ambiguity is by submitting ideas and inspiration.

Myth #3: You pay them to do things you can do yourself

We are all about homes made with you in mind...and who knows you better than you? Some people have a natural eye for design and a great vision for their home, but designers offer more than knowledge of form, function, and colour. Their knowledge of the rules, structure, and access to showrooms with discounted rates means less time searching and more savings.

Just like many other jobs, certification or education is required to become an interior designer. In British Columbia, many designers earn a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design or similar formal education along with an accreditation from the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

Myth #4 Hiring an interior designer breaks the bank

Getting your dream house is not exclusive to the wealthy. Everyone deserves a home that is well-designed and well-loved. You don’t need to completely renovate or overhaul your house. Sometimes, your space only needs small updates and designers can help with that. Something as simple as remodeling a washroom can elevate a home even more.

Designers don't need to be an expensive expense. Before hiring a designer, ask for a portfolio. When you hire a designer, you are paying for their education, expertise, and their access to discounts.

Myth #5 Designers are arrogant

TV can project an idea that interior designers are uptight. We can't speak for all interior designers, but our clients adore our down-to-earth personalities and our colleagues are similar. Just like you, we want to create a home you want to live in. An honest and open conversation about your needs and expectation help shape the vision. We believe designing is a collaborative process. Our expertise along with your vision can truly make a home you can be proud of.

A good interior designer will turn your house into a livable space you're proud of.

If you'd like help designing or re-designing your space, book a free interior design consultation. We're happy to consult on your current space and see what we can do to make it fit your new lifestyle.


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