Interior Designs that are Trending in 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The year 2020 saw a lot of people moving from external locations to their homes causing both children and adults to spend more of their time under the same roof than ever before.

With 2021, we’re slowly seeing people venture outside the home, but the majority now understand the value of having their home designed and decorated a certain way in order to improve their new lifestyle that 2020 has brought about.

Here are 5 here-to-stay interior designs that are trending in 2021 and some design trends that are on the way out.

Earth Tones

Due to limited outdoor activities and time spent outside, many families and individuals found themselves missing nature.

Before 2020, the interior design trend was white, modern, and minimal. Not at all what a walk in the woods or forest would give you.

Through 2020, and now in 2021, we’re seeing people creating a “Mother Earth” atmosphere in their homes with Earth-toned colours of brown and deep greens.

This shift to more natural colours from white or very dark is definitely one of the biggest changes in interior design trends.

Bright & Light

These Earth-toned colours don’t mean the home is dark. Another current design trend of 2021 is a home that is full of light and sunshine.

Being indoors, we crave natural sunlight and by having a thin curtain or no curtains at all provides plenty of natural lighting into a room.

This sunshine balances the time spent at a computer with all that blue light and limits the use of harsh artificial light from light bulbs.

Plant-Based Living

Natural sunshine isn’t the only natural thing that people are adding into their homes. The addition of plants into interior designs has increased throughout 2020 and is still continuing into 2021.

With more Earth-toned colours and lots of sunshine, plants are an obvious addition to give your home more of an outdoor feel.

But some plants are favoured more than others such as plants that provide fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

Not only does the plant provide oxygen for the home and a “Mother Earth” feel, but it also can provide other functions making it multi-functional!

Multi-Use Spaces and Furniture

This multi-functional design trend is also seen with spaces and furniture. Prior to 2020, the Mid-Century Modern style gave rise to furniture and spaces that were aesthetically pleasing due to it being single-use.

However, with more individuals staying home with a limited area, those same spaces and furniture needed to adapt to be able to accommodate different daily tasks such as working, eating, playing a board game, etc.

Multi-functional spaces and furniture enable people to manage their space how they want, when they want.

Designated Rooms

This freedom to do what you want and where you want in your home goes along with our last current design trend of 2021, designated rooms.

With roommates and families, all gathered under one roof, multiple hours of the day, it’s really difficult to have a business or school meeting online in an open floor plan design. For example, you might be sitting in the living room, but unfortunately, there isn’t much privacy since it’s directly connected to the kitchen and front door.

This need for privacy has led people to move away from open floor concepts and towards actual structured rooms with a door that can close.

However, if you currently have an open floor plan, you don’t have to change this overnight. Many people have asked if the open concept is going out of style, but this particular change in interior design trends will take a lot longer to shift than any of the other ones discussed in this list!

Re-Designing Your Interior Space

If you’d like help re-designing your interior space, head over and book a free interior design consultation.

We’re happy to consult on your current space and see what we can do to make it fit your new lifestyle.


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