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How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Home Spa

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

An increasingly popular interior design trend of 2023 has been extending the idea of self-care into our homes. With the stress of everyday living seeming to increase by the day, we are looking at ways of creating spaces in our homes centred around wellness and relaxation. The importance of self-care has become more and more recognised in recent years, and as the world isn't showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, it is becoming more important than ever. Regardless of what life, work, or the outside world throws at you on a daily basis, making your home feel like a calm retreat can help you get away from it all and reset.

A spa experience can be considered the height of relaxation, and while I'm sure we all wish we could check ourselves in for weekly treatments, that just isn't realistic for the vast majority of us. But there's no reason you can't incorporate parts of the spa into your home! In this blog post we'll be focusing on the bathroom, and talking about a few ways you can design your bathroom to feel like a refreshing oasis.

Take Inspiration From Nature

No matter if you're an indoor or outdoor person, I think most of us agree that being out in nature is a soothing experience. When you're decorating your bathroom, try incorporating natural elements and textures, such as baskets, natural wood, and even plants, for added visual interest.

Plants have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and they can bring warmth to your space. Depending on the size of your bathroom you can opt for smaller plants to place on a windowsill or counter, or a larger plant on the floor or a stool. Remember to choose plants that thrive in high humidity environments, and to consider the natural lighting situation in your bathroom. A few examples of plants that do well in higher humidity are Monsteras, palm trees, or snake plants. You can also opt for hanging plants, such as a gold leaf philodendron.

If your bathroom doesn't have any windows, you don't have to give up your dream of a green bath! There are some plants that manage well in low light conditions, such as peace lilies or ZZ plants. Remember that while there are plants that survive despite a lack of natural sunlight, this still isn't their ideal condition. If the idea of caring for live plants seems too high maintenance, you don't have to give up your dreams of a green home - consider using faux plants, which still give mood-boosting benefits! If you choose to go this route we suggest going with more realistic looking faux plants, to give that spa-like feeling you're looking for.

Consider Your Colour Scheme

Continuing along the same vein as the previous tip, you should consider taking inspiration from nature when choosing the colour scheme of your bathroom. For the perfect home spa feel we suggest going with bright colours for your walls, and keeping the colour scheme neutral. Muted tones are more calming, and sticking to more earthy colours will help create a grounded and calm feeling. Similarly drawing from nature, muted blues and greens bring the mind to the ocean and clear skies, creating a serene and relaxed feel to your space.

Does that mean you can't use fun and vibrant colours in your bathroom? Of course not! You can choose whatever colours resonate with you, but just remember that your colour scheme will create the mood for your space. If you are going for a restful spa-like feeling, more muted and earthy, nature-inspired colours will help set the tone.

Design by Styled Spaces, Victoria, BC. Photo by Melanie Orr Photography.

Invest In Your Towels

If you are going to invest in one luxurious item for your bathroom, it should be your towels. Yes, we know it's technically cheating since it's multiple items, but we stand by it all the same! There's nothing like stepping out of the shower to wrap yourself in a plush towel, so pamper yourself by investing in a set of lush soft bath towels. We suggest going for a material like cotton or bamboo, and consider opting for larger bath sheets for that perfectly pampered home spa feeling.

Towels also tend to be on display in your bathroom, which makes them a part of your home décor. Go for lighter coloured towels that match your colour scheme, preferably in white or muted neutral colours. If you have the space you can also roll up a few spare towels and place them in a basket or on an open shelf.

If you're currently rocking a set of mismatched or worn out towels, definitely upgrade to a matching set. It will do wonders to make your space look more put together and intentional. And if you're anything like us. it will make you look (and feel) much more like a person who has their life together. All for the simple investment of a set of towels!

Upgrade Your Shower Head

Want a shower that gives you that calming spa feeling, but don't want to rip it all out and replace it? There's no need for an expensive renovation. Upgrading your shower head can be a budget friendly and low commitment way of making every day feel a little more glamorous. So let go of your basic shower head and treat yourself with a more luxurious model, and consider getting a rainfall shower head for ultimate relaxation.

If you're on the fence about rain shower heads because it seems impractical for every day use, you can absolutely have this as well as a regular showerhead installed at the same time. For those days you don't want to get your hair wet.

Don't Forget Your Feet

If you really want your bathroom to feel cozy and warm, the last thing you want is your bare feet stepping on cold floors. The feeling can be jarring, and even if you have the best shower or bathtub, cold floors can put an abrupt end to the relaxed vibe you are going for. Luckily, there is a very simple solution to this! A soft bathroom rug can do wonders for your space, both in terms of aesthetics to soften and give depth to the look of your bathroom, but also, very importantly, for comfort. Remember to choose a rug that is made to be used in bathrooms, to avoid any mould forming from the humidity.

If you are doing a full on bathroom renovation and really want to treat yourself, you can consider opting for heated floors. It may seem like an indulgence, but if it is within your budget it can certainly add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom. And if you are already planning on changing out your bathroom floors, installing a floor heating system may not be as expensive as you would expect. A hydronic radiant heating system is highly energy-efficient, and can save you money on heating costs long-term. This floor heating system requires a boiler or a tankless water heating system to run, so if you don't already have one of these that is an initial investment to consider, which may or may not be within your budget. While there are other forms of floor heating on the market, this one is by far the most effective and cost-efficient.

Lighting Is Key

One of the most important aspects in setting the tone of a space is in using the right kind of lighting. Really bright overhead lighting can make a space seem stark and cold. Lighting has a lot of nuance, but there are two important aspects that you should consider - temperature and brightness. Cool toned light makes a space seem more cold, so opt for warmer lighting of around 2700-3300K for a cozier feeling. Warm ambient lighting is perfect for a bathroom.

Lights that are too bright can also be jarring, but equally no one wants a bathroom that's dim, especially if this is the space where you get ready for the day. Installing a dimmer switch is easier than you might think, and an inexpensive project. It allows you to control the brightness of your bathroom light to suit your needs and what mood you are going for. If you would prefer not to install dimmers or you are renting, you can consider a system such as Philips Hue, which allows you to control brightness and temperature of your light without any installation.

Layering your lighting is another important aspect when designing any space in your home, and the bathroom is no different. We've talked about the ambient ceiling light, but task lights are just as important. Vanity lights can offer some extra brightness when you're getting ready, and makes your space more functional.

Finding ways of destressing every day is so important in the hectic world we live in, and we love the trend of incorporating self-care into your interior design. Making your bathroom feel like a calm and relaxing oasis doesn't have to be difficult, and we think it's absolutely worth the investment. We hope you've found these tips helpful, and we look forward to sharing many more with you!


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